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Info in English:

Volunteer Centre Holstebro (Danish: FrivilligCenter) is an independent institution, aiming to

promote volunteering in the community and through administrative and political processes.

provide member charities with advice and facilities,

match citizens wishing to volunteer with relevant charities as well as

facilitate communication and develop teamwork across different charities.

 As the organisation has developed over time via a merge of a Cultural Centre and a Self-Help and CAB café, the focus of the Culture & Volunteer House (Danish: Kultur & Frivillighuset) is diverse and has a greater focus on topics such as integration, cultural exchange and language tutoring than most other Volunteer Centres.

The Danish society has a long tradition of very informal and flat structured charities – ranging from the activity committees at residential homes to big nationwide charities like the Danish Heart Foundation.

All charities are welcome as members and pay a small fee to have access to the premises also after normal office hours, benefit from our advice and assistance, and access to copying and computers.

Our functions range from fundraising assistance to mediating in case of conflicts, help with formulating articles, goals and applications, as well as help with PR and recruiting. We also have administrative tasks and data collection for the national association of Volunteer Centres, FriSe.

If you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us – you can find our contact details at the bottom of most pages, or on the page titled ‘Kontakt’.